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When considering auto glass repair and replacement here are some things you should know or might want to ask!


  1. Safe drive away time of adhesive being used – some shops put blue tape on the windshield and send you on your way saying to take off the tape in a day or two until the glue dries. If the adhesive is not dried enough when you drive away and you get in an accident that is bad enough for the air bags to deploy they will definitely knock out the windshield putting you and all other occupants lives in jeopardy. We use a superior 1 hour safe drive away time adhesive for you and yours safety. WE DON’T USE THE BLUE TAPE

  2. Are the installers certified in the adhesive being used on your vehicle? Ares are you can ask to see there card!

  3. Do they use a V bead or a round bead when applying the adhesive? We use a V bead to get the maximum adhesion to the windshield, a round bead will cause air pockets

  4. Do they use primer on pinch well? On almost every windshield installation the paint underneath where you can’t see is scratched and will start rusting if it is not primed at the time of the install. This is one step a lot of shops leave out of the proper process of installing windshields that can cause serious issues later in time.

  5. Do they use a full cut method or a close cut method? Some shops use the close cut method which means they leave the existing adhesive and put a little more on top to secure your windshield. This is wrong only the full cut method should be used.


Come to us and we’ll re-glue your review mirror for free if it has come unglued.


If the shop you’re dealing with can’t answer these questions you should try calling us, We can answer all your questions. We believe that keeping you and yours safe should be PRIORITY ONE!